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Is the Informed Electoral political action committee legitimate or is it a scam?

Informed Electorate Logo

I received a telephone call the other day from Informed Electorate asking for my participation in a telephone political survey. They wanted to know if I would respond to a one question survey. So I said yes. They asked if I voted in the last election. Of course, I did! They thanked me and then asked if I would be amenable to future surveys. Which again I said yes.

Yesterday, I received the second telephone call from them. This time the survey question was a multiple choice question as to which political entity I trusted the most to make policy decisions, federal, state, or undecided.

This morning I received the third telephone call from an Informed Electorate representative. This time they were asking for a contribution via credit card. Since I do not provide any credit card information over the telephone, I declined to contribute. The only time I will provide credit card information over the phone is when I initiate a telephone call to a company or person I know.

I am glad I did not contribute. It turns out Informed Electorate uses robo calls to conduct their surveys.

Being as cynical as I am, I decided to check out Informed Electorate.

Informed Electorate Overview

I searched for information using Google’s search engine to find out what I could about Informed Electorate. My first search found a defunct website, informedelectorate.com. The domain name is for sale. I also found a website at theinformedelectorate.com, which was created in 2013. You can see the “Whois” registration information about both websites below.

Informed Electorate Whois Information:

Informed Electorate Whois info

Here is the screenshot for The Informed Electorate.

The Informed Electorate Whois Information


My Google results also returned the website, votethewill.org. Votethewill.org identifies itself as Informed Electorate with the logo shown above.


The Whois data for votethewill.org is:

Vote the Will org Whois data

The Informed Electorate website at http://votethewill.org has very little information as to who owns or operates the site. But the website asks for donations to the following address:

Informed Electorate
PO Box 30040
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0040

There is no local address or information about who owes or operates the site. It is all very impersonal. So much to the degree that I do not trust the site. So I did not click on their “donate ” button. Who knows where it leads.

Because there is so little business information on their website, I decided to determine whether there was any third party validation for them.

Research into Informed Electorate

I considered Informed Electorate (votethewill.org) to be a Political Action Committee (PAC). So I searched the Utah database of registered PACs. I did not find any results for Informed Electorate in Utah.

UPDATE: My conclusion is that Informed Electorate is not a PAC or is one but is NOT registered in the State of Utah.  PAC registration info is available on State of Utah website.

Since they are not registered as a PAC, then I searched to see if they were a registered business entity, charitable organization, or professional fund raiser. I started with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. I also searched the Utah State Government databases for charitable organizations and professional fund raisers.

I found no information that Informed Electorate is a registered business, charity, or fund raiser in the State of Utah.

Informed Electorate Conclusion

I consider Informed Electorate a PAC.

My conclusion is based on:

  • new information provided by a reader.

However, the lack of transparency on the votethewill.org website and poor marketing practices lead me to recommend NOT to donate money to this organization.

I appreciate any and all comments about internet scams. Please fill in and submit the form below.

237 Thoughts to “Informed Electorate Political Action Committee – Is It Legit or a Scam?”

  1. I have received numerous calls from this, IEPAC outfit sometimes with and sometimes without the “Is the man or lady of the house …. etc.?.” The number used is always” 336-516-9778″. I have blocked the number several times and they still manage to get through. I don’t know what kind of subterfuge or Trojan Horse they are using but they get through at least once per week.

    1. Glen

      I believe they are “spoofing” or manipulating the telephone number that shows up in your caller ID. I receive lots of calls that appear to be from local area numbers. The calls are not only from IEPAC but from insurance, credit card offers, and vacation packages. These all done with bots. It is all terribly annoying.

  2. Andy

    scamadvisor.com https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/votethewill.org
    claims their servers are located in the US, but they are hiding their identity. Scamadviser.com claims the “… site is using an anonymous service – which prevents us from identifying the site owner. …” and says it is not ligit.

    1. Glen

      It is a bit misleading for Scamadvisor to say that they are hiding their identity and, therefore, say it is not legit. Many sites, including this one, use an anonymous service to protect personal information from bots that scan the public whois database for names, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. Fact is, votethewill.org/Informed Electorate is registered as a PAC with the State of Utah.

      1. David L Wallace

        Thank you for your research, Glen. This has been quite informative! I’m glad I didn’t answer my phone.

        1. Glen

          You are welcome, David. I still answer their calls just to see what they are up to.

  3. DC

    The question is “How do I get off their calling list?” I’m getting two or three calls a day.

    1. Glen

      DC, try this:



      Informed Electorate
      PO Box 30040
      Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0040

  4. karen r gardner

    Glen tyvm for the time that you took to research I. E. I haver been wondering about them for quite some time. My partner, a cancer patient, receives nightly calls from them. As I am his “voice” I rarely answer their calls. This morning rather than seeing Informed Electorate on the phone it read “IEPAC” and I answered. This is what brought me to the pc and to you. Again thank you for the time that you took to investigte.

    1. Glen

      You are welcome, Karen. I am glad it helps.

  5. Cheryl

    Just received another call from Informed Electorate and did not give my address or alternate phone as requested. I appreciate very much the information you have provided on this “PAC.” I will NOT be answering anymore surveys conducted by them.

    1. Glen

      Cheryl, thanks for commenting. It helps everyone understand what Informed Electorate is and does.

  6. Jamie K. Branson

    I have gotten their calls too. What made me suspicious is that, in addition to asking for money, it was a different number every call. That’s a red flag right there.

    1. Glen

      Thanks, Jamie. I attribute the changing telephone numbers to their robocall system using numbers as they become available. But, yes, I notice different phone numbers when they call me.

      1. C. Hutchison

        I read on a Democratic Party news letter the PAC is actually based in Australia and is a money scam. On the third call, you are asked for a donation and if you balk, a hard sell ensues.

        1. Glen

          I think it is unlikely that they are based in Australia. Their PAC registration information shows a Utah address. I don’t think the State of Utah would look kindly on a fraudulent registration filing.

  7. I signed up at VoteTheWill.org, but found a problem with their website retaining my login. I emailed them and receive a reply from Rob Andra
    randra@votethewill.org thanking me and said that they’ll look into it. And they did. It now works, and at the website you can view / take other surveys.

    1. Glen

      I noticed the same thing when I visited their website not too long ago.

  8. David Finch

    I believe this is a SCAM for the following reason: When I am asked, “Is this (my name)?” and I respond, “Speaking.” They immediately hang up. So I would recommend that you receive a call such as this, NEVER SAY, “Yes.”

    1. Glen

      They use robo or auto callers. So it could be purely a glitch. I occasionally get calls that ask if I am a man or woman as the first question. I don’t think it is IE. Because they have never asked for gender in previous calls. But the gender question just tells me it is a robo call.

      1. Darlene M @July 9, 1:13 pm EDT

        I am so happy I decided to look up IE. I just got a call this morning–my 3rd call from them and they almost had me convinced to send them money. I guess I am naive because I believe these people when they called. However, today I asked the question “Who develops the survey questions you use?” I did not get an answer or even an acknowledgement that I had asked the question. That started some bells ringing. Thanks to all of you who have shared your experiences and helped me listen to my bells!

        1. Glen

          Thanks for commenting, Darlene. That helps other readers understand what IE does.

        2. Susan

          I’ve been getting this call monthly for a while and answering the one question but not donating anything over the phone. Today they wanted to send me a pledge card. I declined today and a few months back. The never really said they were a PAC. Thanks for the info. Don’t think I want to answer questions since I read all the info.

          1. Susan

            Dang that’s not what I said. Strange

    2. Scott Mayfield

      Received my third call from them today, following the same pattern as outlined here… 1 quick question, 40s or so follow-up, then the sell begins for a $25 donation and if you decline, they drop to a $15 donation. No option stop receiving calls, but they call out multiple times that you agreed to this. Yes, it’s a bot/robocall, but pretty fluid so I see how some might not realize it. Good advice above to never say “yes” to questions like “are you so-and-so?” … I answered “here” and it worked fine, so I suspect the “speaking” disconnect mentioned above is a glitch or unprogrammed response.

  9. Archie S

    Here is what I found in their FAQs: Who is ‘Informed Electorate’ ?
    Informed Electorate was organized by American citizens concerned not nearly enough elected officials view their position as a true opportunity to serve their constituents.

    Since we began this endeavor in early Fall of 2016, we have had over 3.5 million conversations with Americans just like you…just like us. We are a growing team of over 63,000 members and we welcome you aboard!

    Our research has proven there is a prevailing feeling that the people of the United States want office holders to listen to their voice, not just those of a particular special interest lobby. As we all become better informed about the issues our country faces and how our elected representatives vote and govern, the greater the opportunity we have to affect meaningful dialogue.

    Informed Electorate Political Action Committee (IE PAC) is a non-partisan PAC, registered with the State of Utah. IE PAC is not a Super PAC, and is not, therefore, registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). IE PAC Is not affiliated with any political party or candidate.

    IE PAC was organized with the express purpose of gathering information and opinions from the electorate and, through various means, communicating those ideas to elected officials. As more data is gathered and shared, the electorate can hold elected officials to a higher degree of accountability than ever before.

    IE PAC is not a Super PAC, and therefore is not funded by corporations or any other organization or special interest. Rather, it is funded through the support of concerned citizens. Every contribution to IE PAC goes to support the infrastructure of data collection and broadcast.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Archie. This info makes for a good discussion. I wonder how they classify members. Is it those that contribute? But if the number of members is 63,000, that is not very many considering the number of Senators and Representatives. From my experience, those elected officials who get out into the communities and listen to their constituents, get far better info than what Informed Electorate can provide.

    2. Donna LeRouge

      FAQs from their site do not provide necessary verification of anything. I also participated for a couple of surveys before the request for money was made. I replied I do not provide the information over the phone and to send me the request via the mail and the donation would be made. The “gentleman” then made the request several more times as many times people say they will but they don’t. I told him at this point he had become extremely annoying and if he kept it up I would not b donating. He then began a sole he about how so many people do not stay informed, do not follow to see what their representatives are doing. Again, I stopped him to inform him I have been civically involved for decades, have written and met with congressmen, senators, governors, etc. I Artie letters and I follow up. He then asked to save the cost of the mailing could they email me the request and it would also be quicker. I provided him one of my email addresses. This occurred over a week ago and so far no request. I have now blocked their phone number and will not be donating. It’s either a scam or very poorly run. So no donation.

      1. Glen

        Donna, thanks for sharing your experience. I am back on their frequent calling list. I received a call yesterday and today asking for demographic information. My reply was simple. I do not provide any demographic data because I know they will sell it to other organizations.

    3. Big Mike

      I get a call from the same guy with the Caller ID saying Informed Electorate, but from different phone numbers ever time. I recognize the voice and I just hang up every time he calls. He always calls after I’ve gone to bed and am hooked up to my c-pap machine, which means I have to un-hook my nose pillows, pit the tubing aside, answer the phone and then hang up on the dude. He won’t even let me get two words out. I’ve been trying to tell him to put me on their “Do not call” list but they continue to annoy me. This is why I believe they are nothing but scammers.

      1. Kath

        You can call them back and push 3 to be put on their “do not call list”. Not sure if it really works, though. I just did it today.

        1. Glen

          Thanks, Kath. This is good info. Hope it works.

  10. Clay Hawley

    This is the “best of the best’ of the articles I’ve seen about them. I did discover that you can via some limited information about them from Utah’s Government website.

    No one seems to know what they do, if anything, with the money collected.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing the information, Clay. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks.

      1. Heather

        Calling after 8pm with small children in a household. I will never support this, very bad business.

        1. Glen

          Yes, I agree that is very bad business. We raised 5 kids. So I know what our evenings were like. The last thing we would want is a phone call from a survey company.

      2. Judy Geppert

        Thank you for the info on IEPAC. I have gotten e calls as described by others. I said I’d givr them $10.00 but they had to send me a statement. It came today, but I decided to look them up. I threw the statement away!
        Thank you for your research.

        1. Glen

          Thank you, Judy. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

  11. TomR

    Informed Electorate robo-calls me about once a month with a survey question, which I usually answer; I am interested to hear what they ask. I get the sense that there is a Republican lean to the whole thing, but they frame the questions in a pretty neutral way. They do not spoof my caller ID, it usually comes up as “Surv InformElec” or something like that – so I have never had any trouble knowing it’s them. They have asked me for money a few times, but because of the obvious lack of transparency, I have never donated and have no intention to do so. I can’t remember whether they ever sent me anything in the mail. If they did, I probably recycled it.

    Thanks to everyone for relating your experiences with this group and for the useful links.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing this, Tom. I have received spoofed calls and some showing something like “Informed Elec.” I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize, particularly out-of-state numbers.

    2. Susan

      I agree about the republican leaning. That gave me cause enough to check this link. I say that because all the info they give on the previous month is usually as it was just now when they just called. Last month they asked if (I )thought trump was doing a good job and the responses were 44% yes and 41% no. Somehow that doesn’t seem like the what it should be or would be. In fairness they only asked for $$ once probably 2 years ago and I declined and they never asked again. Also, I can see that geographic info would make sense to not have skewed responses. OK, I hate typing and this is making me crazy. My experiences have been positive enough but I don’t want to contribute my opinions if it’s not on the “up and up.” Sorry it’s soooo long!

  12. john rich

    Thanks much for your research. I too fell for the “professional voice, but it failed the Turing test when the AI bot wouldn’t answer a simple question. So, again, thanks for posting this. – –john

    1. Glen

      You are welcome, John. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment.

  13. Julie Paisley

    I’ve received 3 calls spaced about 2 months apart. The first call was acknowledged as a recorded response call with a simple question. The next 2 calls were fouled up technically – looping when it came to responding. I have an inexpensive landline phone from Panasonic which allows me to easily block a number. So far, no additional calls.

    1. Glen

      Julie, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

      1. jeanne

        I received two calls from IE asking 1 question. When the 2nd call came, I asked who had funded the PAC, who was behind it. The guy put me off saying he would call again and explain everything to me. Of course, he did call again but did not answer my specific questions about the background of the PAC. He kept saying that they needed donations and I should donate $25, I believe he said. I demurred saying that I would consider $10. I recently received a letter from them mentioning that I had ‘pledged’ $10 on June 14. They were looking forward to receiving my contribution as it would be put “to work as we promised!” After reading all of the information about the IE PAC, I have decided to write back and decline to make the contribution. I also notice that IE PAC does not claim to be an IRC 527 organization…and tax exempt.

        1. Glen

          Thanks, Jeanne, for sharing your experience. It tells me they are more interested in raising money than conducting surveys and informing the public.

        2. Barbara Messe

          My experience was similar to this. sounded like I was talking to a robot. Would not disclose who the primary sponsors or organizers are. Just read and re-read the same answer that they were “grass roots” in Utah. He wanted to send me a pledge letter committing to contribute $25 but would not tell if tax exempt. I would not give my address. Let’s see if a pledge letter comes anyway.

  14. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
    I consider myself a smart woman and believed this was a legit organization. The calls sounded legit. Then they asked for $. I kept saying no. I asked, “Am I talking to a real person?” The answer was, “Yes.” I have a hearing issue so I believed them because I couldn’t tell the difference. Today was the end!!! They couldn’t answer my questions.
    I’m so happy I found this site and the number to end the calls.
    Once again, thank you!

    1. Glen

      You are very welcome, Jacqueline. Thanks for sharing your experience. They called me yesterday asking for demographic information, which I declined to provide. Demographic data has lots of value to marketers as it helps them identify their target audience. I don’t trust Informed Electorate to keep personal data private.

      1. Kathy Dabanian

        This is what I found out IE WARNING: Telephone Polling Scam by Ron Maclean
        Beware of a pleasant, articulate voice from “Informed Electorate PAC” asking you to take 40
        seconds to answer a poll question. The question is easily answered after which the Caller will
        ask if they can call again with another question in a week or two. The next call or two are just
        as easy and pleasant. After answering another question, the Caller will say that next time he
        will explain the importance of their polling. By this time they apparently believe you are
        “hooked”, because the next call is the Hard Sell. You are asked for a $20 donation to help
        defray the cost of polling. Answering “no” is not accepted without a very strong pitch. So just
        HANG UP!
        In conversation with the Caller I found that their website is http://www.votethewill.com. This
        website is owned by an organization in Australia. Its website is very new – began this spring.
        I could find nowhere that is publishing their survey result. I think their only purpose is to
        collect your money

        1. Glen

          Thanks for sharing, Kathy. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Since they are registered as a political organization, they are not subject to the Do Not Call rules. This is unfortunate since they are taking advantage by soliciting funds.

        2. Like many of you, I too received a 2ND call today. I never , ever give my bank card number to anyone over the phone and as far as my opinion I have never seen it put to use. Anyone that I don’t personally know who calls , I suspect, a scammer. Lately I have been getting as many as 10 call a day; none of which I answer. If I don’t recognize the number, I delete the call.

        3. Max Brown

          I think their websiteis VOTETHE WILL.ORG not .com, which is why you’re probably ending up with an Australian reference.

        4. Sue

          I just got a call from them. I participated for a while without contributing but was told today that after 1 year they needed a contribution to continue participating. When I told them no they they said that there was an exciting new way for me to participate without calling but someone would call back on another day to tell me how to do that. When I told them no they said that they would place me on the do not call list. I have been looking for a way to stop getting calls for a while but had no idea how to get them to stop calling me. There was no website, and do not call was not an option when they called. I just called their phone number back and got robotic choices and hit 3 to go on their do not call list.

    2. Suzanne

      What’s the number to end the calls? I’m getting a call every day. Thanks.

      1. Glen

        Another reader provided this information:



        Informed Electorate
        PO Box 30040
        Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0040

        1. Isabella Newey

          The number I get on my caller ID is 617-581-0895, and it’s listed as informed electorate. The few times I got a live person, I did ask to be taken of their list. They did not remove me from the list….so now they are blocked.

          1. Glen

            Thanks for sharing, Isabella. Blocking the telephone numbers is about the only recourse without involving lawyers. Under the “Do Not Call” regulations, political organizations are exempt from complying with remove requests.

    3. Jim VanCise

      When I asked them to repeat the name of the website (“are you saying “Will” or “Bill”) a different voice replied “yes”.

    4. Donna

      How do you get the number to end their calls? Thank you!

    5. Tina

      They asked for demographic info, which I began to provide (age and whether or not I own my home). Then they asked for my exact house and street number. I didn’t want to provide it. I asked him several questions, at which point Sandy (the guy to whom I had been speaking) said that he had a bad connection and that he would hang up and would try me again. Mind you, he called my land line, so I’m sure the connection was fine. I could hear ever syllable. I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him again.

  15. Janet Landles

    My answering machine message states that I only answer calls from phone numbers I recognize on my caller ID. If they really want to talk to me, they can leave a message with their callback info. This sorts out the robocall/scam calls immediately because they don’t leave a message (although they sometimes continue to call back for awhile). My friends just start talking until I pick up the phone.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing this great idea, Janet.

  16. Muriel Roberts

    I have kept the letter they sent me asking for money. It said I had agreed on the phone to send $25. I had not.

    Got one more call after the letter. It was dated 3/19/18. Have not heard from them again.

    But, I wanted to follow through on my research. Thanks for this site, Glen.

    1. Glen

      You are welcome, Muriel. I appreciate you sharing your experiences with us.

    2. Karen Crane

      Muriel, I had the same experience as you. I refused to give out my credit card number during their last phone call so I got the letter and decided some research was in order. Thanks to Glen and all the respondents. The letter is going into the recycle bin.

  17. Jay

    Informed Electorate uses robocalls and numerous phone numbers. To date I have received over 100 calls from them, each time using a different number. Apparently, they use something like VOI phones, so near impossible to block. PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE in their surveys or donate. Hopefully, one day they will go away for good!

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Jay. I share your sentiments hoping they will go away. I feel the same way about all the law enforcement officer charities that call for donations. There is no way to tell if they are legit or not when they call.

      1. Stacy Simmons

        Regarding Police and Firemen soliciting donations, my NC newspaper has published lists of charities with the percentage that actually gets to the charity. Consistently police and Firemen organizations get 25% or less of your donations. Seems they don’t care since that’s more than nothing since they often don’t otherwise raise funds. As soon as I determine that the caller does not know me, I state, “We do not accept solicitation calls,” and hang up.

        1. Glen

          Hi, Stacy. The Federal Trade Commission has more consumer information about police and firefighter fundraising at https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0085-fundraisers-calling-behalf-police-and-firefighters.

        2. Kathy D

          I donate directly to my Fire Company. And as far as the Police our officers get over $ 70,000 a year to start! So I don’t feel the need to donate in fact they can donate to my vacation fund if they want as I have not had one in over 20 years! Lol

    2. Anne-Lise Deering

      Called me several times but only talked with someone a couple of times. The voice said it was a live person but when I asked a question about how they were different than many other organizations the voice stopped for a moment and then started back at the beginning and when asking again the same thing happened which made me realize it was not a live person even though the voice stated that. So I hang up and have not been called back yet, hopefully never.

    3. Heidi

      This group calls our number daily. I wish I had never taken the first call in 2016.

      1. Glen

        Sorry to hear that, Heidi! They should not be calling daily. I would file a complaint with the FTC and telephone company about harassment.

  18. Melissa S

    Here is their contact information.
    Try calling to ask to be removed from their call list. The number they use as caller ID when they call me is a disconnected number.



    Informed Electorate
    PO Box 30040
    Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0040

    1. Glen

      Great info, Melissa! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  19. Dick Williams

    Have had at least two calls from informed Electorate which I conclude is a Republican PAC but low key and they mute the partisanship so as to get people to engage and stay with the call. I believe the goal is in compiling lists for other right tilting groups to use in upcoming campaigns. They get enough info to know the political tendency of a respondent and such info is valuable and can be sold later -to either side. So they likely make money from their effort and still solicit funds. If it’s a PAC it’s partisan – just not obvious in which direction. One big clue here is the home address, Salt Lake City UT. My call came from 254 244 2276 Calling that number gives me “Disconnected or no longer in service” I’m done with them No pitch for money and the call was innocuous – the one question asked which party I’d prefer to be in control of Congress. Press 1 for Republican , press 2 for Dems and 3 for don’t know. Did not want verbal -only touch tone response.

    1. Glen

      Thanks, Dick. It seems the calls are coming more often now. It must be due to the special elections taking place in the near future.

  20. Audrey J Hess

    I received a robo-call on April 27, 2018 from this Informed Electorate (239-237-0227) and they left a voice message inviting us to attend a yay-rah-rah Trump rally in Grand Rapids on April 28. I JUST called this number back (May 1) and it was the familiar screech tone and then recording saying that this number was disconnected. SO, is this a republican scam? Please STOP Informed Electorate! Why you would call us is a mystery. We want nothing to do with you.

  21. Tania Graves

    I found this website because I received the same series of calls. They were rambling on the third call and I said If you are calling for money, I have no information about your organization and will not donate. They asked if they could get to the end of their information and continue to ramble so I just hung up. Definitely think this is a scam, guised as a legitimate business.

    People can be so despicable.

    1. Glen

      Despicable indeed. And they continue to call.

    2. Babs

      In addition to concerns related to the fundraising tactics, other questions should also be raised. Where are the results of these surveys going? Are the questions coming from Informed Electorate or other groups? Is Informed Electorate being paid by others for their results?
      There is a lack of transparency about this organization that is very troubling.
      This is quite an operation if they are making as many calls as they report during their call. Today’s call indicated that 575,623 people responded to their last survey. Who are they targeting? What do they do with the results? What is their privacy policy? The robo caller says that their calls are recorded! How are the recordings/results used? If they use a reverse phone directory, they have info about the people they are calling and have recorded your responses…. How might this info be used?
      Time to stop responding.

    3. Wendy

      I found it simple to get my name put on IE’s Do Not Call list. Call 1-888-823-7806. I really didn’t so much mind their calls until they started calling at 8 am (when I preferred to sleep later than that). You simply enter “3” or, if you have a restricted (not revealed #) push “4” for a live person.
      Now I’ll see if it “sticks.”

      1. Randy

        Wendy, even if you block sending Caller ID, toll-free numbers still get your number when you call. Toll-free numbers (such as 800, 888, 877, etc.) use something called Automatic Number Identification (ANI), not Caller ID. You can’t block ANI.

    4. Wendy

      You can call 1-888-823-7806 and ask to be put on their Do Not Call List.

  22. L S Reeger

    Got the same phone call a week or so again. This morning I was outside and when I came in my answering machine was recording a message from a man. I picked it up saying I’d just came in; please repeat what you want and I got “I’m from Informed Electorate I’ll call back later”. Told the guy don’t bother and hung up. I figured if he wouldn’t repeat what he’d wanted I didn’t have time either in the future. Now I see what would have happened.

    I have caller ID and checked the number — seems this person uses a female also, actually that’s who called me first. Another website that reports numbers says they continue to call about every 10 days or so and one person even said he asked them NOT to call and they continue. They also change there numbers frequently so blocking the number doesn’t help.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Not only do I have these guys calling often, I have scammers pretending to be the IRS calling as well. They spoof local area telephone numbers so it makes my caller ID useless.

  23. Kate

    Not sure if you already got this info or not, but Informed Electorate is definitely a PAC. Here is a link from the state of Utah:


    You can find the Statement of Organization and campaign finance reports there.

    1. Glen

      Thanks, Kate. One of the other readers provided this info. So I updated my site to include it.

  24. Jean Reed

    As senior citizens it is difficult for my husband to ignore telephone,
    Last time IE called I answered and same as I’ve been reading here with one difference,
    When I ask question , it sneezed, I say it because it was obviously not human!
    When it said I had agreed to a call back, I thought ok I’m almost 80, maybe I forgot.
    I’ve thought of getting rid of telephone because of scammer calls.
    Thanks for the information, it helps if I can just convince my husband.

    1. Glen

      Thanks, Jean. I appreciate your comment. As a senior citizen myself, I receive too many phone calls from scammers. Mostly those pretending to be IRS agents (who will never call). I wrote a new blog post about the new Medicare Card scam. Scammers are trying to convince senior citizens and those with disabilities to pay for their new Medicare cards. Total scam! Medicare has already started mailing the cards to the beneficiaries. The cards are FREE!

  25. Patti

    I’ve been answering these calls for at least a year now…maybe two…and have never been asked for a donation. Maybe it’s because I don’t consistently answer one, two, and then three calls? I monitor most of my calls so not easily reached. Also, sometimes I’m in the middle of something or just not in the mood and simply hang up as soon as I hear, “is the lady of the house available?”

    I’ve had the IRS scam calls. I’m a bookkeeper by profession and know better. I always laugh at their suggestion I’m in big trouble and ask for their badge number. They can’t hang up fast enough.

    1. Glen

      Readers say that at some point they ask for donations. I receive IRS scam calls, too. I am an accountant by training and had a tax practice for 10 years. IRS always sends letters and forms; they don’t call unless you have made arrangements first.

  26. This kind of information is valuable as scammers will have a more difficult time tricking people. I tend to be trusting but my better half is very cautious. As a result I am suspicious of any caller looking for money or personal information. Come to think of it, I had a so called computer service call me twice. First time was a guy an I almost fell for it but as the conversation progressed I asked him how he knew that my compute had a problem after he asked for my web address. A few days later a lady with an east Indian accent called with the same scan. Can’t trust anyone these days! Thanks

    1. Glen

      Thanks Gary. Besides these guys, I have had fake IRS agents call me about overdue taxes as well as the fake computer service/Microsoft Windows people calling and telling me about a (non-existent) problem on my computer.

      The other area of my concern are the charitable organizations that call looking for donations. I seem to get a number of calls from local and state police support organizations calling. I have no way to validate if they are legit or not. So I don’t contribute (use a credit card) over the phone.

      1. Tamika Jackson

        I was able to find an older pdf file from a newsletter from Utah Democratic donor to door campaigners,
        “Beware of a pleasant, articulate voice from “Informed Electorate PAC” asking you to take 40
        seconds to answer a poll question. The question is easily answered after which the Caller will
        ask if they can call again with another question in a week or two. The next call or two are just
        as easy and pleasant. After answering another question, the Caller will say that next time he
        will explain the importance of their polling. By this time they apparently believe you are
        “hooked”, because the next call is the Hard Sell. You are asked for a $20 donation to help
        defray the cost of polling. Answering “no” is not accepted without a very strong pitch. So just
        HANG UP!
        In conversation with the Caller I found that their website is http://www.votethewill.com. This
        website is owned by an organization in Australia. Its website is very new – began this spring.
        I could find nowhere that is publishing their survey result. I think their only purpose is to
        collect your money.”

        1. Glen

          Thanks for sharing this information, Tamika.

      2. Kannan

        They are now calling frequently here in California. They seem to robocall, or hide their actual number, so you cant block by that.

        Asking them to get you off their calling list seems to be of no avail.

        1. Glen

          Thanks for commenting, Kannan. Unfortunately, according to the Federal Trade Commission, the National Do Not Call Registry does not limit calls by political organizations, charities, or telephone surveyors. So that leaves these guys to continue calling.

  27. Terri Dunlap

    Yikes, I’m embarrassed to say that after answering a couple of ‘surveys’ I got the donation pitch. Was insistent that I give them a credit card. Of course I wouldn’t. BUT I did give them a mailing address and after about 3 weeks received a pledge in the mail with enough info to check them out, which led me here. I may even have given them my email, not sure. So am I at any risk here? I’ve not answered any of their follow up calls.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Terri. I don’t think you are at risk. You do have their mailing info in case you need to report them to the police or U.S. postal service. For me, it has been a year since they have contacted me. I still receive phone calls now and then.

  28. Phil Carl

    They called while I was sitting here reading this. I set the phone down on speaker. He is still saying “hello, is any one there”, “I’m sorry I can’t hear you, I’ll try again later”. I was surprised at how long it took for them to hang up.

    1. Glen

      Phil, I did the same thing several days ago. But they hung up quickly.

  29. Rachel White

    I received a call tonight from Informed Electorate and have done an intensive search for information. This is only one result. From what I’ve been reading, it is more than an attempt to get money – there is a question of identity theft, as there is no way to get money to them without giving them either your credit card number or bank account information. Also, one person investigated further and discovered that Informed Electorate is connected to a conservative organization, and the information is skewed to say that Trump is “approved” of. That’s why, instead of yes or no, they use “approve” or “disapproved” – easy to lose the “dis” when tallying. So, for many reasons, this is a group to avoid. I hadn’t gotten any calls before this, I blocked the number they called from – and put myself on their “no call” list – although said it would take up to 30 days to activate! I plan to turn them in to internet scam sites, I got a lot of information from some sites in my searches. one site had a list of 10 different numbers they have called from – my call came from a 206 (Seattle) area code.

    1. Glen

      Rachel, thanks for sharing this new information. In my area (Virginia) we get many spoofed phone calls. These are calls that my Caller ID identifies as local area calls. But in reality, they are from all over the country (and probably foreign countries).

    2. Christine Dailey

      I received two of their calls; the third call asked for money. Their questions are too simplistic to have any meaning; I agree with the other respondents that this is just a scam to get money.

      I’d like to suggest that instead of waiting for them to put you on their “no call” list, buy a Panasonic phone for your land line because it has a button to “Block Call”. I’ve found it very helpful in blocking a ton of annoying calls.

      1. Glen

        Thank you for sharing your experience, Christine. And thanks for the recommendation about a Panasonic phone and blocking calls. 🙂

  30. Aileen

    I train at The Allliance for Consumer Protection, we just received a phone call from a lady asking about the “Informed Electorate “. I pulled it up and saw the scam alert.
    Thank You 😊

    1. Glen

      Aileen, thanks, I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

  31. John

    It took over a year after their first call for these guys to start asking me for a contribution, so I thought they were o.k.. Then when I declined to contribute I was told they would have to stop calling. Fine. After a few months the calls resumed and I never answered. When today I did answer I was greeted with” this is our agreed upon follow up call.” I told the caller of my experience with them and he congenially said: ” thank you , goodby.” Could this be Russian trolling? Or worse?

    1. Glen

      Joh, thanks for sharing. Based on my experience with them, I don’t think this is Russian trolling. In my opinion, it is just a money making operation for someone.

  32. Kevin Johnson

    I received a call from them today asking for a donation. When I asked what they have accomplished he just repeated the script he had, they are non partisian and would use my donation for more polls. The web site has a number general polls that lack any substance or purpose. He said the organization is a PAC – so they can hide behind the Citizens United decision and not provide any information.

    1. Glen

      Interesting comment, Kevin. Thanks for posting. It would not surprise me at all if other businesses or companies start their own survey fund raising operations.

      1. R.A. Bishop

        I just got about my 6th or 7th call from them. I swear it is always the same guy who calls me, which seems odd. Moreover, I have noticed several times when I answered a question (yes or no format) with another question or statment, . . . , there was a LONG pause, and finally the guy would come back, and what he had to say to get the conversation going again was really not very germain to the last thing I had said, and just repeated again. I suspect the “guy” is “AI.” This has happened 5-6 times over the last 3 calls.

        I was going to contribute, but thought I would check on this site again. I checked a couple of months ago, the second time they asked for money, and didn’t find THIS site. But I did today. Next time I’ll see if he can “repeat after me.”

        Although the address I just gave you for email is one address I have, don’t send anything there. It won’t get answered.

        1. Glen

          Thanks for sharing your experience with us. They have started calling me more often. But I generally don’t answer all the calls because I know there will be a pitch for a donation.

          Don’t worry about receiving any email from me. Unless you sign up for my newsletter. The WordPress comment platform requires name and email address. If there is a way to turn off the email address requirement, I have not found it.

          I have deleted your first comment since it is the same as this one.

          1. R.A. Bishop

            Fine deleting the first comment. I just wasn’t sure any were going to be posted, or it the email address would appear in the posting. I looked into these guys a bit more today, and it seems many others have come to the same conclusion I reached: that it isn’t even a real person. These really ARE “ROBO-Calls.”

            It’s odd. I just looked down at “Guy’s” comment from 2/15, and I seem to remember that the first call I got asked me whether or not I was the man of the house. I thought that was strange, in today’s world.

            I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t catch that it wasn’t a human more quickly. Then again, I think it’s strange that robots can be used to call and ask for money at all. The logical next step after a robot dials your number and places you immediately on hold, if you answer?

          2. Glen

            I guess the robot can’t tell the difference between a man’s and a woman’s voice. I just received a phone call from “John” wanting me to do their 60-second survey while I was typing this response. Too funny! But he did not ask for the man of the house.

            When I first receive a call from them way back when, I never realized it was a bot. I didn’t realize it until one reader said it was a bot. I guess they got me good.

  33. Guy

    They are changing their identities more often now. Their tell is this kind of introduction:

    “May I speak to the MAN of the house?”


    “May I speak to the LADY of the house?”

    This tell was used by Informed Electorate and Conservative Majority PAC, and now some kind of breast cancer charity when some woman named “SAM” calls. Don’t give SAM a damn dime. No one uses language like that as it is too Politically Incorrect.

    1. Glen

      Wow! They are refining their demographics targeting surveys by gender. Or they are validating their database info.

  34. Pinky Osborne

    Thanks for this information. My elderly mother-in-law has a Walmart credit card, which hasn’t be used in over 8 months, The current statement has a $25 charge to Informed Electorate for Jan 2. This card has never been used outside of Walmart, except for an order of Probiotics a long time ago.. We cancelled that last summer when her Probiotics order turned into a monthly delivery. She does not give information over the phone as a rule, and she denies that she gave it out this time. If no other readers know of a connection between the two companies, I guess we will pay it and close her credit account. PS you’re awesome!

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Pinky. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. That should not happen to anyone.

  35. Mike

    That the questions are slanted, their lack of registration and their elusive identity coupled with the “pinch” all add up to scammer for me

    1. Glen

      Mike, I think that is the consensus of readers.

  36. Kathy Dreher

    Informed Electorate has been calling me every three or four weeks for three or four months. They asked me for a donation on the second call and I refused, but they still want opinions. Until they ask me something personal like my SS# or which bank I use, and if I have my account numbers handy, I’ll keep answering their innocuous questions.

    1. Glen

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with them.

      1. DOC

        You folks are receiving ROBO calls. While it may seem you are converting with a real person, sorry but you are not. As for whether they are real and honest or not, I chose to believe they are, but I will never contribute to them.

        1. Glen

          Yes, several readers have commented about IE making robo calls.

  37. Audrey

    Thanks for this website

    Oh what to say? I believe the prior person with my land line number was a republican from the calls I have gotten. I’ve answered IE a few times and today’s call was just asking for money for their trouble. I suggested they save themselves the bother of calling me by, well, not calling. Legit polls don’t ask for financial contributions or at least they didn’t used to. I thought you sometimes get paid for taking polls and that a poll requesting money (except for the ones from national parties – they always seem to want money) was just not quite right.

    To the best of my knowledge, they do not have my full name or address. I have requested not to be called the “lady of the house” to no avail. Might one suppose they will not mail me since even the phone calls and running the poll results were so costly…

    On the other hand, they are not a Nigerian Prince needing my help to get his millions out of the country…

    1. Glen

      At least the Nigerian princes are not calling on the phone. Just sending email. 🙂 Besides the RNC, no other survey companies have asked me for donations. I have been paid several times for doing extensive surveys including one focus group which took up a Saturday morning.

  38. Judy King

    Third call — request $25….declined then requested $15. I said no money until I did more research. Thank you for the information presented here.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for commenting, Judy. Sounds like they are negotiating for any contribution. This sounds a bit desperate on their part.

    2. Roger Christie

      Huh. I’ve been called by them many times and they’ve never once mentioned donations or anything remotely like that. Just one survey question each time.

  39. Ellen

    These folks have been calling me periodically since before the 2016 election, if memory serves. They are clearly right-wingers from the way they pose their questions seeking answers that support the policy THEY want. This is not a proper opinion poll. I believe they are calling based on some very old Republican contribution lists – while my contributions to the GOP ended nearly 30 years ago (call me prescient), I still get random hits from GOP fund raisers. In a word, they NEVER forget you. 🙂

    1. Glen

      Yes, we are never off their lists. Even during the off-year election cycle here in Virginia, there were more door-to-door canvassers asking questions than ever before.

  40. Peggy McLain

    In addition to the concerns of other who have responded, I’m now questioning the intent of this site. I got a call today about legalizing marijuana and the options seem to only lead toward the “right side” answer. For instance, there was no option to legalize marijuana for all, only for medicinal purposes. Looking back at the results of previous questions, I’m seriously doubting the results. For instance, more people voted for than against the Joe Arpaio decision? I’m no longer going to take their calls.

    1. Glen

      I agree with what you say. Many issues are more complex than can be addressed via a one question survey. The wording of some of the survey questions, lead to what I think are biased answers.

  41. Cindy

    I received the third call today. As the guy was working his way up to asking for money, I asked him how his 500,000 poll responders had been selected, and why he thought his sample was more valid than a smaller, scientifically chosen sample. At that he point, he said, “I’m really sorry. We seem to have a bad connection.” That’s when I hung up.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Cindy. Looks like they don’t like to answer questions.

      1. Jodie

        Just got hit up in Michigan today from this same place they wanted 25 then they wanted 30…..They are really pushy and wanted an credit card…they send me an email for payment. Told me to mail it back the same day…What is going on with this place………

        1. Glen

          Hi Jody, from mine and other readers’ experiences with Informed Electorate, they are very aggressive in trying to raise funds. It makes readers wonder if the survey is just a pretext.

      2. Len

        GLEN– I was also called twice. I’m responding to this one thread because mine was similar. First time they were innocent questions. He called about 2 weeks ago. This time questions became PERSONAL. He started by asking my age and sex. I thought, well, this may be necessary for a poll. But really, you can’t plug in both of these at once on a phone pad. So I asked if he was live or was this a recording. He said he’s live but speaking through a computer. So he said never mind the question we’ll move on. Give your Street address. I became concerned. Then he said ‘now give the town and zip.’ This is when I hung up on him realizing it’s a scam! He’s gathering personal info that no poller would ask. And to all your writers BEWARE!!! I have worked in the credit field for over 40 years including FRAUD for the banks… My suggestion to everyone… Go to your local sporting goods store, and buy either a whistle or one of those emergency ship horns with canned air, and when they call again, BLOW IT IN THEIR EAR.. This will guarantee they’ll never call you again! They are lying scumbags and probably not affiliated with any political organization at all … and if you give them personal data, you may regret it some day… losing everything.

        1. Len

          GLEN — I called their number back that I found on my phone which is 480-386-0357 . You get a recording offering 3 options one of which is to remove you from their call list. They say you must call from the phone that they called you on… I did so… Let’s see what happens… if they don’t remove me, I’ll go to plan B with the BLAST HORN in their ear.. That has ALAYWAS WORKED quite efficiently for me in the past.. Haa ha haa!

          1. Len

            Glen — one final piece of info.. I took your info above and went through the County Tax Assessor in Maricopa County. I used to live there and worked fraud as stated for the banks. This is a large property in northern Scottsdale. I did call the Sheriff’s Dept. and reported the scam and gave them your blog address. Hopefully if there are any incidents they have documentation about these people.

          2. Glen

            The most recent call from them was last week from a Kansas number (area code 913). The problem I have locally is many calls I receive are from spoofed telephone numbers.

        2. Glen

          Wow! They sure want lots of info for a simple one question survey. Makes me wonder if there are scammers impersonating Informed Electorate.

          1. Kendassa

            I talked to a person from Informed Electorate. He was nice. I told him I will never donate because I am on a fixed income but I will answer their survey questions. They still call me to ask their questions in the poll and don’t ask me to donate. I even tell them when their questions are stupid and should be reworded.

          2. Glen

            Their current question is whether celebrities should be running for office. I don’t know why that would be an issue today considering we had previous Presidents who were celebrities such as Ronald Reagan.

    2. Phil

      There is no human on the call. They are robo-calling you with a robot that understands a very limited vocabulary. I asked the robot what what 3 times 5 was; robot could not answer. Robot said he was sending me to a supervisor, but robot hung up the call after 30 seconds.

      Never ask a robo-caller if they’re a robot. They give a creepy answer. This robot has some complicated answer saying there’s a human but it can only give limited responses. Horsefeathers. Another robo-service responds saying, “Do I sound like a robot?” (Why, yes, you do!). Always give them a little math problem. And be very, very, frightened when the robo-callers figure out how to answer little math problems.

      I see no way to contact any humans at this organization, and they have no social media presence. I do not trust them.

      1. Ed

        Love the idea of giving the robo the Turing test. 🙂

  42. Deborah

    I have received a few calls from IE, one this evening. They asked for money the last conversation and I declined. I have no reason to state why I declined. This evening he asked my age and whether I owned my hone, and I responded accurately. This is public information, so if they want it bad enough, they will find it. He then said that for the purposes of demographics, he needed my exact street address, and that is when I said I am unwilling to provide that information, and as he continued to tell me how vital this was, I hung up. They seem to think people will just give out all of their information simply because someone says they are calling from somewhere that sounds legitimate. Many pollsters have called here and asked only my age, so I was not forthcoming with any more information and their number is now blocked.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Deborah. I have reached the point that I do not provide any personal info over the phone or internet. Demographic data has great value. So if they want mine, they will have to search public records. However, there are many scammers and criminals trying to collect personal info by phishing and other nefarious techniques.

    2. Ellen

      OMG, Deborah, NEVER give a cold caller ANY information about you – except opinion polling, of course, when gender and age are – as you noted – routine. If they ask you yes or no questions, and you answer yes, they can ‘snatch’ that audio and use it to – among other things – apply for credit in your name over the phone now that they have an audio clip of you saying ‘yes’ . . . .yikes! They particularly pick on seniors and senior women.

  43. Ray

    I received a letter from Informed Electorate thanking a person with my last name and my wife’s sister’s first name for the promised pledge of $25 dollars. I have NoMoRoBo so robocalls are directed away from my phone. If I do not recognize the number on caller ID, I do not answer. If whoever does not leave a message, it was not important. I guess Informed Electorate thought that they could scam me through that letter, so beware of the old fashion methods of scams, snail mail!

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Ray. While not related to Informed Electorate, I have been receiving an increasing number of spoofed local calls from telemarketers. I received one allegedly from the Republican National Committee. This one sounded like IE so I hung up.

  44. Joe

    My mother got a “pledge” statement from them saying 25 dollars was due when in fact she never, ever pledges over the phone – – and she’s been getting several calls from them lately. No concrete information on them at all on the web, very nebulous descriptions. DO NOT GIVE TO VOTETHEWILL.ORG or Informed Electorate. I am 100 percent convinced they are a scam.

    1. Glen

      Thanks, Joe. I just don’t believe any phone calls I receive anymore. Just too many scams.

  45. Aerin

    I’ve been answering the poll questions for about a year. I thought the concept seemed reasonable, and it took very little time to participate. It was months before they started asking for money, and only just today, they suggested that they could no longer include me in the polls unless I donated. Based on this, I have concluded that Vote the Will is a cleverly designed money-making scam.

    1. Glen

      It certainly did not take that long for them to ask me for donations. Just 3 phone calls spaced about 2 weeks apart.

      1. Margaret

        Thanks for the information. I’m sorry if I’m commenting in the wrong place. I couldn’t see to start my own thread.

        They hit me up for money on the 3rd call, tonight. After I said that I would NOT be able to donate, citing the holiday season and other charitable obligations, they still wanted a credit or debit card, saying that they wouldn’t charge it for a month, to give me time to reconsider.

        So, I hung up. I just feel bad for those that get taken. We all want to help and yet there are so many who have no problem taking advantage of that good will. Thank you.

        1. Glen

          Thanks, Margaret. You have posted in the right place. The more stories we share, the better off we will be. As I commented earlier, I am reaching the point of cancelling my telephone service because of the number of unwanted calls I get. And my number is on the Do Not Call list. If enough people cancel the telephone services, the telephone companies and local governments may take action.

  46. Della

    Got a call today at 3:07pm from 414 area code (Wisconsin). I declined to answer. I did call back a half hour later to see who it was from. I got a recording saying they are Informed Electorate, the same survey outfit I talked to in Sept. about the Rep and Dem runner ups Assembly candidates in my District. I just remember the call coming from AZ then. I can’t remember if I gave them my address and cell #. They called my home # and specifically ask to speak to me. Now since this call came from Wisconsin, I decided to look them up and found your website and I want to thank you for their ID info. Now, I can’t wait to test the AI if they call back and for them to ask me for $. I have advised my friends. I left a message for my Assembly candidate and hope his office gets back to me because I’d like to find out if they hired them for the Sept. survey call which totally leaned against his opponent.

    1. Glen

      Della, thanks for sharing your experience and stopping by to comment. This is the first comment that said they focus on a local candidate.

  47. scammerPH


    I happen to work for the 3rd party company that works for this PAC. And yes we are heavily underpaid compared to what they actually make. The American owners have sketchy characters too and paired with equally asshole Filipino consultants. Not only do they make waves there in the US in terms of being ‘scammers’, they are also fond of not looking out for employees welfare. A lot of labor violations(and counting), plus a serious criminal offense by non-payment of government premiums. No one bats an eye and are too afraid to report because most employees are either entry-level, early 20 year old’s or have been in the company for 5yrs+ and are too afraid to watch their ladder crumble. Will be resigning in a few months. I hope karma gets them good.

    1. Glen

      Thank you for sharing your insight to Informed Electorate. Sounds like the employees are paid considerably less than management.

  48. Wanda

    I started getting calls from IE over a year ago. Always wanted to participate in a poll! Was not sure who they were and could not find the website working. But the polls seemed harmless. They only asked for money one time, and that was fairly recently and I so no, I am broke. They still call, sometimes, mostly now I tell the friendly robot voice no and hang up, (but they still call) because…the weird thing that happened…was last year just around September they asked me who I would vote for if I were voting that day. I told them. One month later, I rec’d notice from the IRS that they were doing a ‘random compliance review’ of my small business, not an audit because anything was found wrong, but a review to see if business were ‘being compliant’ with federal tax regulations. No basis for an audit, but I had to spend weeks preparing data for my accountant. They found nothing, but it took over a month out of my life of doing nothing but that. I should have spent it as part of enjoying my last year with my husband who was not well and passed on this year. Plus I had to come up with over $1,100 to pay my accountant for her work and for meeting with the IRS agent. To this day, I’m still trying to convince myself it was a coincidence and not a ‘government intrusion/harassment’.

    1. Glen

      Sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. Please accept my deepest condolences. I think the compliance review was a coincidence. (I had a tax practice years ago.) Unless the PAC was being audited and you were on a contributor list (as a business), there is no connection between the IRS and a PAC.

  49. Beth

    Have been called several times and participated. Today they asked for money and I stupidly gave them a donation. Thankfully, I called found this thread and did some reading. I went ahead and had my bank cancel my debit card before the charge came through, yay! If these people are related in any way to Organizing for America, then they are total scammers!
    Thank you for the information gang.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Beth. This is the first time I have heard that OFA is a scam. I know it is an outgrowth of President Obama’a community outreach and supported by the Democratic National Committee. I believe we will not improve our national political problems until we start building stronger communities. It will take awhile, but we need to elect good local leaders, including judges, who are focused on our communities. Once they gain experience and have helped locally, then they can run for state elected positions and higher.

  50. Hank

    I got what may have been a third call..Several robo call org.s are now using prerecorded interviewers with some high tech system that has answers for questions and some comments, but one can tell it’s not live interaction, though they may inform that there is a live agent monitoring. I think this one of those systems. although fairly innocuous, this time “he” began asking for demographic info about me, including address and phone number. At this I balked and hung up. Too many surreptitious minings of our personal info for commercial or scam purposes. Don’t know if the donation question would have come. Thank you for research.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Hank. I wonder how their fund raising is going these days.

  51. Perry Cabot

    The IE (Informed Electorate) PAC does not meet my criteria either: 1) The very structured question protocol and simulated, but not quite logical, statements indicates a fairly sophisticated bot process. One time, I said, “Oh, I see, you are a robot responder!” The next comment was, “No, I am not a robot, but I am using a computer generated question set.” 2) After the third call, I said I was a house-sitter and the owner would not return for months. Response: “OK, we’ll call back latter”. Three days later: “Hi, the last time we spoke, you said I could call again.” Political or not, this is clearly not legit.

    1. Glen

      Thanks, Perry. It sounds like any answer is justification to continue calling.

  52. Lucinda G

    I hung up when they asked for credit card info. Today I got a letter stating I had pledge $25, they can just forget about that money coming their way. No idea how they got my address, the name was wrong, only my first name shows up on the suppose pledge. Beware of this group

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Lucinda. More people should hang up.

  53. Micah B. Haber

    Been getting a call from the same guy for months, always asking for a donation. Got a call, definitely the same guy, but this time something about term limits, same general spiel about calling everyone, wanting to get the organization off the ground, wanted $25. Asked if he was the same guy from Informed Electorate, he immediately hung up on me.

    Think the guy might always be “Alex.”

    1. Glen

      Hi Micah, sounds like they are using a bot. They have been around for awhile, so I guess they may be struggling if they are using “get off the ground” story.

  54. S A Gould

    Have been answering questions from them for almost a year now. Wanted to wait and see which side of the fence they are on. First few sessions, they asked many questions; then it was about ‘help us out and give us money;’ the the questions became so short and generic it was clear the survey wouldn’t give anyone useful insight AND the appeals for money got stronger. The very last time, I told them that I will not give $ to anyone over the internet, but I’d look at the website and decide.

    They send me a “We truly APPRECIATE YOUR PROMISED $25 PLEDGE,” etc. There m.o. matches every Republican appeal I’ve ever received. This appeal did not come with a business reply envelope, but should I ever get one, I will send their appeal back to them at their expense. If they truly are following the Republican method, this will not dissuade them one bit, and I’ll get more appeals from them, and then other oopenly Republican orgs. But… no mater who they are, I do not trust them one bit.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. Thankfully, they stopped calling me.

  55. Jkh

    Thank you very much for your research. I answered a few questions at first since they were simple and I could use a keypad. Then they began pushing for yes or no answers, and asking for donations. I pointed out that I would NOT answer a question with a simple affirmative since that’s how scammers slam people with unrequested goods/charges, using a doctored recording. I’ve gotten 3 calls from them, different numbers, and not all EXACTLY the same caller ID in the last 2 days. I’ve decided to no longer answer. Thanks again for your research.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s sad that it appears to be a fund raiser more than a survey business.

  56. Mary

    This has been a very informative dialogue. Thanks you all for your postings. I too received the plea for funding and agreed to receive mailed information only so this week received a “Pledge request” for a specific amount. I have written to remind ed them that I did not verbally agree to a pledge, only to look at their material. After looking at the IE website and other sites, including yours, I declined financial support and asked to be removed from their contacts. It will be interesting to see if that will work.

    1. Glen

      Hi Mary. I am glad you find the dialog informative. I hope it helps others. I have also decided that I would no longer respond to any telephone solicitations. I will continue to donate to charities via their websites instead of the paid solicitors that call.

  57. Sal

    I got a call earlier today, asking for the “Head of Household”. I asked who was calling, and a spiel was launched that said I had answered two previous surveys (I hadn’t) each with one or two questions, they thanked me for my previous participation (huh?) The voice then described their important work as the only group that polls .5 million people each month and deliver the results to legislators (which ones? state or federal?). I explained that I hadn’t been polled since the election, a year ago. That’s not quite true, because I do participate with Gallup, and maybe that is how they got my number. He kept pausing after I spoke, and then repeating verbatim the previous part of the spiel. Which of course started pushing for a donation and giving the reasons why people prefered to give direct donations through credit or debit cards. I repeated 3 times that I don’t give money to any organization until I have researched it. Realizing I was talking to a bot rather than a person I asked if this was a real person, and got the same response as reported above – it was a real person, but talking through a computer. Finally I started asking if he had my name (given the generic opening to the call, and the claim that they had spoken two me twice before in the previous two months). Same thing – pause, and restart the spiel.

    Interesting that you start with the description tthat you decided (a year ago) it was a PAC, because they repeated the name “Informed Consent Pac”. Sounds more like the ‘call back from the tech support company you called a couple of months ago’ type scam, to me – with perhaps a few dabs (not expensive) with a couple of calls with a question or two create the impression of being pollsters.

    When searching for information, I couldn’t find anything until I added the word scam, which led me to this site.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing, Sal. While they appear to be a PAC because they filed paperwork, they sure operate in a manner that makes them look like a scam. Just based on the questions and survey results they post online, I think legislatures and politicians would get far better information from their respective party headquarters.

  58. Alethea

    My experience is that a real person initiates the call, but uses a recorded or bot messenger for efficiency. I found this out by saying, “Is this a real person?” I got a bot answer, explaining that a real person is operating the bot. I then said, “I want to talk to a real person,” and a real person came online.

    I won’t give them money, in fact, I just hung up on the rambling ‘informative’ call that was destined to ask me for a contribution. They call once a week. I’ll answer so long as the questions are not slanted.

    1. Glen

      Thank you for sharing your story, Alethea. While Informed Electorate has stopped calling me for the time being. Others have picked up the slack. 🙁

  59. Juanaqueña

    Is “Informed Electorate” the same as the organization “Americans for an Informed Electorate” (https://informedelectorateusa.wordpress.com/) which I do find registered in Utah as a PAC? The Primary Officer for the organization in the Utah PAC registration info has “votethewill.org” as his email provider.

    1. Glen

      I believe they are the same organizations.

  60. Patty

    Wonderful information, Glen. Thanks so much for publishing this. I got the donation call today and was suspicious. I despise being solicited over the phone, especially when they use pressure and guilt – oh, and set your donation amount for you.

    1. Glen

      Thank you for your kind words, Patty. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I have been receiving an increasing number of bot telephone calls recently. Plus a number of solicitations from state police charities. I guess it is that time of year for charity work. I even had a text message sent to me about our upcoming election. This is really getting out of hand.

  61. Bill

    We have had slightly different experiences than others here. We had a couple of the calls described previously, but with no requests for donations. Then over the weekend we got three calls. On two they asked for me using my first name, and on one they asked for my wife, using her first name. Twice the other person answered, and while the person asked for was being called to the phone, they hung up. On the third, when I was asked for, and I said that was me, they hung up. Now today, Monday, we got still another call. This time all they asked for was my age and street address. It is obvious that it is not a person at the other end from the way they respond to questions. So I asked if they were a person, and they replied that they were a person, but talking through a computer. This call came from an exchange in Kansas. I called the number back, got a recording, and several choices. I clicked the choice for their not calling back again. I was afraid they might be checking to see when we were home, in preparation for a possible break-in. I called our local police, and they suggested I call the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office, which I will do.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Bill. Calling the AG office is a good idea. I would also report them to the Federal Trade Commission via the FTC online complaint form.

  62. Lois

    I got to this site by Googling “Is Informed Electorate a scam”. I get 2 to 3 calls a day from different phone numbers, some showing the name Informed Electorate, others not but when I answer the phone it is a “John” asking me a political question and reminding me to send a contribution. It is impossible to interrupt their spiel when I tried to say that I told them I would not give a card no. over the phone, they never sent me anything about where to send the $25 and “John” or whoever it was that time kept talking. This is either a scam or something run by an incompetent group. Either way, my only annoyance now is that my CID does not always identify the name so I sometimes still answer it, hear “John” begin his speech, and then hang up.

    1. Glen

      Sorry to hear that, Lois. It is a shame some companies and organizations are so unethical that they are nuisances. I suggest you put your phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry if you have not done that already. Remember that any telemarketing and political robocalls to your cell phone are illegal, no matter what. Report them to the FTC. Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize. If you do answer, don’t press numbers, like the recording suggests, to be taken off their call list. Pressing numbers just confirms that the caller has reached a good telephone number. You can also report the caller to your state attorney general or consumer protection office.

  63. Joan

    I just received a call from IE with a question related to tax reform. It was really such a general question with general answers (e.g. spend time looking into loopholes, base rates, other). The last call I received was a high pressure contribution call that said I would be taken off the list to be called if I didn’t contribute because it was expensive to do the polling and provide this valuable feedback. I’m glad I found your blog – I checked out the PAC registration in Utah and found that the report listing contributions for 2017 totals $1.283 million as of August 30. Wow. There is no way that I am going to contribute one penny since I do not know what they do with the funds. I didn’t think that just anyone could set up PAC, collect contributions and use it as income?

    1. Glen

      I agree with you Joan about not contributing. There just is insufficient transparency as to how funds are used. It really does not take much to set up a PAC or even a charity. Money collected goes first to paying salaries and expenses. What’s left over may be used to support political candidates or chosen charities. With deregulation in the works, it is harder every day for the average person not to get ripped off by scammers and even legitimate businesses.

  64. Kathy

    Thank you so much for doing this digging on this, and I agree with the various comments from others. My experience is similar, but I did end up “donating,” thinking it was an interesting and potentially useful way to gather information and opinions quickly across many people.
    Yesterday, however, I had a call from what seemed like a real person saying that the “checking account” debits (essentially $5/month) wasn’t working any longer because of the high fees that the banks were charging (or something like that), and the caller wanted a credit card number instead. I declined to give him one, on the grounds that I had been the victim of a scam in the past and had reported it to a relevant company (which the scammer had been posing as) and to the FTC, so I won’t give out credit card numbers to anybody who calls me whom I don’t know. I asked for a phone number to call him back, and he gave me one. I did try it but I think it is a nonfunctioning number. They apparently have called again from 1-480-386-0357, which is in Arizona, but left no message/voicemail. All in all, this may not be a real “scam,” but I think it is dubious and think ‘getting out” is the best policy..

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Kathy. I am glad you did not give them a credit card number. I used to donate to local law enforcement charities but it has gotten to the point that so many call. I can’t believe they are all legit. So when I want to donate, I check with the state registered charities. And then go to their charity website. That way all the money goes to the charity and not a solicitation company.

  65. Dave E.

    The robo call asked a single question…but these questions are totally unimportant. ( Did I think things would be better, worse or about the same in 4 years…….like I was a crystal ball reader.) THen….the recording goes thru a long harangue about how important Informed Electorate is……..breakthrough research……bypassing old barriers, etc……….and then……..after enduring this self congratulatory yap from this guys gaping maw…..comes the real reason for why Informed Electorate is around. THey want me to pay so I can take a single question ( pointless, meaningless question). That’s the grift here. Conclusion: A scam……..and a fairly obvious scam. It’s just a guy with a calling machine dunning gullible people for money.

    1. Glen

      Hi Dave, that’s pretty much my assessment of them. Just an excuse to ask for money.

  66. Tommy

    Thank you for the information. IE is very persistent and will not stop calling.

    1. Glen

      Yes, they are very persistent, Tommy. I just ignore them. They seem to call frequently and then stop awhile.

  67. gerry

    My IE interviewer is named “Sandi” – i asked him 2 questions:
    1. “I want to know how you make money?” at that it went back to original intro…that was stupid of the AI
    2. “Is this a human ?” after a 2 second pause it said “yes this is a human and now here is the question”

    – also for the first time it asked for “demographic” info – wanted my full address and alternate telephone #’s…of course I geve him not of it.

    I love Sandi’s genuine and non-pushy tone BUT the AU still has a ways to go…

    1. Glen

      Gerry, thanks for sharing your experience. It never dawned on me during the first telephone call that it was an AI bot and not a real person.

  68. Sue

    So, I blocked IE six weeks ago, but as a survey researcher, I’m inclined to participate in most phone surveys. Karma, you know. BUT, only ONE question? Suspect. I looked at their web info back in the Spring. Uninformative. I tore into them when they asked for a donation. Are you kidding me? That’s not how legitimate surveys work. All very suspect. My advice, don’t participate. And certainly don’t offer them $.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for commenting, Sue. I have been paid for taking surveys including several in person extensive surveys where I received payment. But I have never been hit up for a donation until IE.

  69. Nancy Dryden

    I received my third call today from Informed Electorate. The first was to agree to take short survey. The second was to say if I trusted federal or state government or undecided. But today, the person said he was going to ask just one or two questions. Then, in a conversational manner he said,something like, “We really do just want to hold our elected officials accountable, don’t we?” When I asked three times if that was the question, he finally hung up. To me, that shows that the “survey” callers are instructed to use the sort of conversational statements that most people would say, “yes” to . It just feels like conversation, but I’m afraid that it would end up as survey information. My caller would not let me off the hook until I agreed with his conversational comment about holding officials accountable. When I asked for the question three times, he just circled back to his request for me to agree to his conversational comment.

    1. Glen

      The informed electorate obviously uses an AI robot to make the calls. This is disturbing that they think so little of their “customers or donors.”

  70. Susan Duffey

    Very gentle high pressure to donate. They are Respectfully grateful for participation so the ground work is laid to donate $.I have had calls for several months. I have participated in the survey but can find no registration or revealing information about the group and who is benefitting.. They tell me on the phone, the politicians benefit from knowing the people’s views they say $ is needed for printing, sending info to those in public office, misc costs. etc.
    be wise! There are excellent well known , financially accountable PAC groups but I do not believe this is one .

    1. Glen

      There is definitely a lack of transparency with the informed electorate. There is no accountability if there is no transparency. Same thing applies to our government.

  71. Robert Wlkins

    No one mentioned that it seems obvious that the caller is a robot. Try engaging it in conversation. Amazing how far AI has come.

    1. Glen

      Oops. I forgot about the artificial intelligence bot doing the calling. But yes, it really does sound real.

    2. Liz

      Great point Robert! When I say, “I don’t like talking to a computer,” it will say, “I am a real person, but I’m using a computer to make this call.”

      I’ve learned a lot from using internet websites over the years that ask me to confirm my identify as a real person and not a bot. So then I asked him what color a stop sign is. And he said he’s not sure and would have to ask his supervisor that question. Then they say a supervisor isn’t available. I’ll ask another question and they say the same thing about finding a supervisor. They out themselves through the lack of response and triggering a repeating loop.

      Sometimes I ask what color the sky is or what noise a cow makes. It doesn’t really matter what you ask. If it’s a real person they will be able to respond in a natural way and answer the question.

      It’s a great trick to try if you think you are talking to a computer.

      1. Glen

        I love your trick, Liz! Great idea the next time they call me!

  72. Marie

    Thanks for all the information. I also received a series of calls until the one requesting money.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for commenting, Marie. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment. If it is a legitimate PAC, I think it is sneaky not reveal their political affiliation. I often receive surveys and donation requests from the Republican National Committee. At least with the RNC surveys, I know exactly to whom I am contributing when I do.

  73. Shelly

    I received a call from them yesterday, as well. Probably my 3rd call. Normally they ask well-phrased questions to lure folks from any side of the political spectrum into thinking that the pollster is leaning their way. This time I asked the Informed Electorate pollster “specifically who is funding their poll.” He reminded me more than once that “this call is being recorded.” He rambled on about a wealthy man, who was funding the poll and that “all would be revealed” at the end of my call……then he asked me for a contribution commitment. At which point I stepped into the bathroom and held the phone up to the sound of a flushing toilet. Hope they got the message.

    1. Glen

      Ha ha, good response! While they may be registered and legit political action committee, I think the survey and corresponding donation request is just a money making scheme. If it looks like a duck….

    2. Lynn

      I, too, am getting calls from and a “demand” for contribution. I refused to give a credit card number so a letter was sent, asking for the donation I had “promised”. After reading all these posts, I agree they are not someone I wish to make a donation to! Instead of flushing my toilet, I will use the whistle I have hanging by my phone to blast all telemarketers!

      1. Glen

        Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Lynn. I find it very tacky that they would “demand” a contribution.

  74. Karen Ostliff

    I don’t know what they do with the money they collect but I know that their results are bogus. I just got one of their survey calls about Joe Arpaio. I gave my response and the surveyor started coughing. I didn’t know if my response was recorded. I waited but he didn’t come back. I went to your website and saw that they had already posted the results of the survey I had just, 5 minutes ago, tried to answer. Informed Electorate surveys are BS!

    1. Glen

      I agree with you, Karen. I think the questions are more on the line of popularity. I don’t recall ever doing a survey with just one question. Issues are fair more complex than just yes or no.

  75. Scott

    My question is, assuming they are a legit PAC, why do the “principles in the organization” make 10K a month? That just sounds like a “legit scam” to me. The questions are computer generated for crying out loud, so they have very little labor costs and how much effort does it take to to think up one question surveys? I could come up with 100 questions in a short time. Since I have been burned by legit companies, who have a local or national “reputation”, why would I give my hard earned $$$ to someone paying themselves 10K a month?!? That’s just crazy. I’m done with this company and their surveys regardless of their “legitimacy”.

    1. Glen

      I just chalk it up to free enterprise. Business owners can set their own salaries. Or how about Rex Tillerson’s payout from Exxon when he left to become Secretary of State. $180 million!

  76. Paul French

    Informed Electorate is registered with Utah. It is registered under Americans for an Informed Electorate.

    That said, I have questions about their expenditures. It appears that the principals in the organization get paid about 10k a month. More troubling is the large amounts paid to Phone Technologies Inc. I could not find any web page for Phone Technologies Inc, wouldn’t a company specializing in communication have a web page?

    Check year 2016 in the Utah records, nothing has been reported for 2017.


    1. Glen

      Thanks, Paul. I appreciate you finding the information. I have revised my conclusion that this is not a scam, but a registered PAC. Regarding Phone Technologies, my guess is that they are a call center and may be a subsidiary of a larger company.

      1. Barbars Hudson

        I not only received a very pushy solicitation call. I also got a pledge bill in the mail and was about to mail off a check and decided to do s google search. Now am not sending even tho I really liked their political pitch. These days any group raising money to get rid of the creature in the WH can probably raise a goodly sum. Thank you for sharing .

        1. Glen

          Thank you for commenting. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read. One of my pet peeves about the surveys I have seen here is the lack of neutrality in the questions.

          1. Kalola

            I have worried about the neutrality of the questions also. Now I went to the website and looked at the survey results and I can see that they are VERY skewed….so it is very concerning. I have NEVER been asked to donate and you can obtain the info/survey results on line without donating. You do have to fill you your name, etc. for a free membership, but I don’t think it’s info they don’t already have.

          2. Glen

            Thanks for commenting. From my experience, surveys should be neutral. Otherwise, the bias in the survey will skew results.

  77. Cathy

    Thank you for all your research. I’ve had calls from them as well–and, like you, at first I thought, perhaps this is a way of having my voice heard. However, it was really suspicious and I decided that it must be a scam–which you have confirmed.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for sharing your experience Cathy. I have taken a number of surveys in the past. None of them ever asked for money. In fact, I was paid for several extensive surveys done in person.

  78. Jackson

    Very interesting. If I ever get a call from Informed Electorate, then I’ll be sure to ignore their calls in the future and report the number. Even if they aren’t a scam, they don’t seem like a company I can trust. This is something I have to look out for as well, because the political arena is something I’m interested in.

    I’ll keep my eye out for this though, thank you for the information!

    1. Glen

      I definitely do not trust this company. If they are a legitimate polling company, then they are exempted from the FTC regulations regarding the do-not-call registry. But I will report them to the FTC as scammers.

  79. albojko

    I liked your post on Informed Electorate it was really interesting.I like how you went into detail on determining on whether or not it’s a scam. I take your intake on that subject, since you already did it for me, haha, just kidding it was a really interesting blog post. I now know how to find out if a company’s a scam, good job.

    1. Glen

      They are very persistent now. Called me a few times yesterday, but I did not pick up. Let’s see if this continues.

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